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Prestige Car Body Styling for your next used car

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Down to the last detail

If you would like to have your prestige vehicle prepared to a high-end unique style with well known body kit extensions, exclusive wheels, brakes, suspension, sports exhaust systems, interior or multimedia equipment, all of these improvements are available from Miletree Prestige Cars.

The engine improvements are primarily designed to maximize power and life of your vehicles' engine. Our upgrades are manufactured by leading engine performance companies, so you can rest assured that you will get value for money.. We offer virtually all kinds of innovative engine performance upgrade products that you can avail at competitive prices.

From performance programmers to performance chips, you are sure to find here everything you need to upgrade your car engine's performance.

Efficient engine performance can also be achieved through permitting the exhaust exit more easily. This air resistance caused by the movement of the piston downwards in the intake stroke can be possibly lessened by putting two intake valves in each cylinder. And to top it all, make everything lighter. Always remember that lightweight parts can tremendously help your engine perform better.

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