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Prestige Car Warranties for your next used car

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Miltree Prestige Cars Ltd, are approved AA waranty providers.

Practically all secondary warranties offered by used motor dealers are not worth the paper they are written on. They are all so full of exclusions they are just a sales ploy to convince buyers that they will never have a problem with their expensive new motor. Dealers like to use these services, as they are often paid a commission by the warranty company for selecting their company to provide the warranty..

Miltree Prestige is different. We don't warrant the car, You do. In fact the warranty is taken out with the AA direct with you.

But don't worry. It is not a ploy of ours to avoid our responsibilitiess - it is a new, refreshing and fully encompassing way of ensuring you are fully happy with your new car from the moment you buy it.

How does it work?

Once you have selected the car of your choice, we arrange for the AA to come and inspect the vehicle, with you meeting the cost of that inspection. If they are happy with the inspection, they will provide you with a comprehensive AA warranty, one that you can rely on, with no hidden exclusions and from a company that values its customers.

Not only that, but the AA will also preovide you with 7 days free insurance, enabling you to drive away the moment you have bought the vehicle.

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